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“Can You Do My Homework?”- Assistance with Homework by Our Company


“Do my homework!” We get hundreds of such requests from the new and returning customers every day. It is really difficult for student to cope with all assignments nowadays, especially if you are working. When you try to find a way to write all the papers you have qualitatively, and suddenly you realize that professor has assigned more papers, this is completely demoralizing. We offer you not only to save your time, but save your nerves, what is even more important. You deserve some rest and feeling calm, doing the things you like.

Types of Custom Homework

You should not worry if your homework is quite specific. In most cases we will be able to help you with it. All the homework assignments can be divided on three groups, and you are welcome to check how to order the following assignments to be completed for you:

  • Custom Homework on Humanities

    Humanities include a wide range of subjects you can get homework on. It can be:

    • Education
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Linguistics
    • Art
    • Literature etc.

    The paper on one of the following subjects needs you to get aware of a certain issue and write your own point of view on it based on the theoretical material you have learned. Mostly, you need to complete a well-structured efficient text. If you ask us “do my homework on humanities”, we will assign the Master`s or Ph.D. level writer, who is proficient in the selected field. You will get the brilliant paper for sure.

  • Custom Homework on Science

    Science is difficult, because there are only to possible situations: either you do understand the subject or you don’t. If you don`t, you will not be able to complete your assignment and this will lead to poor grade. Science includes such subjects, as:

    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Astronomy
    • Geography
    • Physics etc.

    The peculiarity of assignments on these subjects is that they usually need you to complete more than just a text. It is commonly required to use some formulas, do some calculations, include some graphic illustrations etc. If you doubt on how many pages the assignment will take, request an approximate number of pages and then ask your writer “do my homework on Science, and I will pay for extra pages if needed”.

  • Custom Homework on Technical Subjects

    This type of assignments is the most difficult for students to complete. One little mistake can lead to the whole paper being wrong. Not to risk and save time, students come to our service and request: “please do my homework on”:

    • Mathematics
    • Accounting
    • It, Web
    • Computer Science etc.

    The complexity of such assignments is in the fact, that there is not much text required. All you need is to create a program, do the necessary calculations and so on. Often customers ask us “do my homework in Excel”. This is also possible with our company. The Excel file will mostly include charts and calculations. Only your writer can evaluate the number of pages needed, so you should place your order on the approximate number of pages.

Variety of Prices for Custom Homework Completion

Do the prices vary according to the subject you select? Not really. We do not calculate prices for each certain paper. There are certain rules for evaluation of the price and they are clear for our customers. In fact, everybody can get his total on our pricing page. The thing is that our prices depend on:

  1. Your academic level
  2. The number of pages required for your homework completion
  3. The deadline for your assignment
  4. Type of service
  5. Additional features if requested.

You get the total placing your order and you pay beforehand. Actually, this assures that there will not be any additional fees and you do not pay blindly.

Ways to Lower the Order Total

If you do not like the price quote you have got, there is a possibility to modify some instructions to save your money. Here are some tips for you to get the best acceptable price offer:

Your Case




  1. You do not have any time limits for your assignment.
  2. The due time for your homework is in more than 2 weeks.


Select the longer possible deadline for your order of custom homework

The longer deadline you choose – the lower price you get! If you are eager to see your paper written as soon as possible, there is no need to pay for the urgency. We always deliver papers as soon as writers are done with them.

  1. There are no pages or words count limitations for your order.
  2. You cannot afford to pay for the required number of pages


Select the minimum possible number of pages

Each page written adds to your total. You should better request as little number of pages as it is possible. Our writers do short and informative papers, so you will be able to elaborate some ideas to reach the necessary number of pages requirement.

You feel that your assignment is too easy for your academic level


Select the lower academic level

Kindly, note that all paper instructions are being checked by quality department and we contact you if the academic level for your homework is not appropriate. However, if you are a University student and you need to depict a cucumber, you surely can pay less decreasing the complexity level.

You need a good quality paper, but you do not need it to be brilliant and the best it can be


Do not request any additional features

The additional features cost additionally. If you ask for a “Best Available” writer, this definitely does not mean, that you will get poorly done homework. We always deliver good quality of papers accomplishment.

You are not stuck, and you can actually try to write the homework, but you are not sure, whether you can do the homework properly


Upload your draft and request rewriting or editing service!

Our professionals will check what you have written and fix the paper according to the assignment instructions. We will be able to correct up to 70% of your text (if rewriting ordered) or up to 30% (if you have paid for editing). Rewriting and editing services cost less than writing from scratch.

If you have some special requests or you need us to answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will always be glad to assist you regarding your ask “do my homework properly”!

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